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Name: Draco Ignatius Malfoy
Source: Harry Potter (AU- Maya's Fanfic Draco Malfoy the amazing bouncing… Rat?) If mods need a link to said fic, I can provide it

Canon point: Draco Malfoy, fresh from his experience as the Gryffindor's adored pet rat fluffy, has just discovered it was the nefarious machinations of one Colin Creevy that resulted in his transformation. He madly runs into the Gryffindor boys dorm in search of Creevy and finds SBURB instead.
Gender: male (bishounen )
Age: 17
Colour: #0B3B0B
Chumhandle: DracoAffronte

History: http://en.wikipedia.org/Draco_Malfoy, http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DracoInLeatherPants, http://fanlore.org/wiki/Fanon_Draco

The son of Pureblood, high class Wizards Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Draco has been attending the Scotland based Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry. His assignment into Slytherin often wrongly cast as the "evil" house, as well as his father's persitent service to the re-arisen dark lord Voldemort mean Draco tries very hard to live up to the archetype of blue-blooded aristocrat. Unfortunately his years at Hogwarts have shown him that muggle (non-wzard) born and low class students such as Hermione Granger (the witch who continuously outperforms him in nearly all his classes) and do-gooders such as the charmingly clueless Harry Potter (who outperforms him at quidditch, a broomstick based team sport in which they each play the position of "seeker" for their houses) are irritatingly capable of besting him. Nevertheless he parties, studies, and plots it up with his Slytherin compatriots, toeing the line between school bully and aspiring dark wizard, but frequently tripping on said line.

Personality: Draco is effortlessly attractive, no thanks to the time he devotes to his personal grooming or his array of hairproducts. His parents worry about how delicate he is, and he himself is fond of his creature comforts. He's quick to offend, quick to retaliate, and often relies on his two men-at-arms come friends Crabbe and Goyle for preotection when spats he instigates turn nasty. Draco wants to succeed academically and socially, despite his superiority complex. He's genuinely fond of the other members of his house, not the least because no one else is. He's fiercely loyal to said house, head of house Professor Severus Snape, and to his family.
He enjoys going out and partying, but is horrified if he hasn't gotten his schoolwork done. Mainly he's interested in academics and how fucking pretty he is, but he does genuinely enjoy quidditch, coffee, and spending time with his housemates, frequently taunting Potter, Granger, Weasleys, and other members of house Gryffindor, the traditional "heroes house" and rival( at least in his mind) of slytherin, despite the fact they're all not very bright, not cunning, and shocklingly prudish.

As a result of a Professor abusing their authority to turn him into a ferret temporarily during his fifth year, an incident that both traumatised and humiliated him, he doesn't like small rodents, being referred to as a ferret (much to the Gryffindors; glee)or being turned into small rodents. Or large rodents, presumably. Due to his narcissistc personality, he's not fond of small creatures which need his care, such as babies, house elves, or most magical beasts. The one exception is that he's fiercely protective of his friends, but nevertheless thinks they're all idiots. He's morally grey and only occaisionally has bursts of conscience which he does his best to ignore, especially when following said conscience would lead him into hard work or a loss of face. He's always ready with a quip, which doens't keep him out of trouble, and his favorite creature comforts include good coffee, booze, a warm fire, and (secretly) a good book.

Abilities & physical limitations: He's really fucking pretty. He can do magic and is talented at flying and navigating on a broomstick. He can probably do hair pretty well, as he sure spends enough time on his. He's wiry with the "sexy quidditch physique" Harry Potter fans are fond of, meaning he's lithe and bishounen, so he probably can't do heavy labor but he's A. a spoiled aristocrat and B. capable of magic so that generally doesn't present much of an issue. He sees himself as refined and delicate, so he's more likely to do things by magic or manipulation of others, if he can at all help it.

Appearance: http://fatal-rob0t.deviantart.com/art/Draco-Malfoy-2724791
"'All Seekers have that sexy lean-yet- muscled thing going on.'" "His hair and eyes had little silver and gold sparks intermingled in them, and he looked cool and ridiculously good to her in his white jeans and shirt." "anemic little peacock"
"He looked like a sword of moonlight made human standing on the nighttime steps, hair the impossible colour of childhood innocence grown too long, locks straying at the nape of his neck and cheeks. A soft shock fell into his eyes, which glittered with the dazzling elusiveness of silver light upon water. The moonlight had been crafted by a Renaissance sculptor, each plane of his face severely angled and starkly perfect. His cheekbones and jawline were smooth as the slashes of a knife. His nose, chin, forehead, were shaped by centuries of aristocrats to slope into the same elegant curves as an ornament they commissioned would have been expected to.
His skin was the same colour as marble, which was oddly fitting for the sharply defined lines that made his throat and chest and arms. It was a beauty that seemed designed, like a Greek statue, a celebration of strength in a form that looked fragile as the stem of an expensive wineglass. The crafted hollow at the base of his long throat, the sleek fan of his collarbone and the rounded rise of his shoulders looked far too carefully created to be anything but impossibly delicate."

Notable AU differences, if applicable: Draco is wittier and more of a softy than in Harry Potter Canon. He spent a stint as the beloved pet of Gryffindor tower upon being turned into a rat, learned to love muggle pop music and soap operas. Due to this, he's inexplicably fond of the dopey Gryffindors and wants to get them to pair up, as that seems to be the easiest route to their happiness. In addition, he's even more high maintenance. He has a masochistic streak and a crush on Hermione Granger to accompany said masochism. Unlike in Canon, Draco is somewhat nice, secretly, but is horrified by this. This friendliness comes from his desire to be liked, and reaches more than the slytherins, to whom it was secretly apparent in canon.. He's taken a liking to Muggle jeans, muggle soap operas, and modified his Hogwarts uniform accordingly. He's overall less worried about his parents and Lord Voldemort, and more of a "normal" teenager in terms of which interests he choose to pursue.

Strife Specibus: wandkind

Prototyping: a bewitched muggle radio that's tuned to top of the pops, followed by a gryffindor wall hanging he was trying to get rid of because it offended him greatly. Thus, it's a heraldic lion and a radio stuck on top of the pops. Aren't you glad you let me have ideas? I sure am. The sprite provides advice mostly through application of thematic song, which means Draco has to resist the impulse to boogie down while trying to puzzle out the true meaning of songs such as "Tears of a Clown"and "Heart of Glass"

Title: the Rake of Spark

In-game abilities: Spark relates to inspiration, but also to the soul (divine spark). What this means in relation to Draco is that he's able to start minor fires (much to his delight), mess with electronics, and as he explores his powers, help others awaken their plans and gain understandings of their situations. This probably only works if Draco has some semblance of an idea of what's going on, but it does help him nonverbally communicate ideas, with his consorts and with other entities. As a Rake, he's capricious and focussed on his own pleasure, however to truly embrace his powers he also needs to understand the other meaning of rake (to stir up and to tidy). Basically the dude needs to learn to use his powers to help others, which can be helping them discover themselves sensually (or so he hopes.)

Planet: Consorts are obviously ferrets, Land of Wax and Mirrors. Ladon( the denizen) is a serpent with a hundred heads, who has tunneled up from the core of the planet. This heat is causing the wax landscape to melt and warp, and consorts are getting trapped in pockets that fold over. Ladon has tunneled up for reasons which are either that he's hungry or bored, and most likely will need to be straightforwardly reasoned with, which is difficult, as each head has its own take on the matter.

Denizen Ladon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ladon_%28mythology%29)


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